TrueBike City Tourer

Now we are ready for bike-packing in any weather! :)

Argus festival and RADpaRADe in Vienna

Argus festival in Vienna claims to be the biggest European bike festival. Last Sunday a ride around Vienna City center - 7th RADpaRADe took place also. There were thousands and thousands of cyclists of every age riding all sorts of bikes and other stuff :). ... and we were there! https://www.facebook.com/fahrradwien/videos/1075007372632459/ http://www.bikefestival.at/ http://www.radparade.at/

Truebikes’ first time at Berliner Fahrradschau 2017

The new season starts (for many bikers just continues J) and we have opened it at the well-known Berliner Fahrradschau. Where else should such an innovative cycling exhibition take place if not in to the cyclists friendly Berlin with its specific ambiance? We loved it. The exhibition started little by little Friday evening but then [...]

Wiener Fahrradschau 2016

2 times first: the first exhibition we participated in and the first Fahrradschau in Vienna. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity! As the renowned Berliner Fahrradschau came so close to us - to Vienna, under the name of Wiener Fahrradschau we decided to present our brand TrueBike to larger cycling audience. During three days [...]

Frame-set Poetry

Closer look on the frame and fork...  

TrueBike’s participation in ETNA Marathon 2016

We are always happy to get positive feedback from any of our customers. Especially if it is an avid rider who is not afraid of real bicycle challenges. One of them is Alessandro from Palermo, Sicily who participated in ETNA Marathon 2016 on 36 inch wheels. We are very lucky to see the TrueBike taking [...]


The first WIENER FAHRRADSCHAU ... ... and we´ll be there as well: http://www.wienerfahrradschau.at/de/brands-de/truebikes/   Don´t miss the opportunity to see the TrueBike in person!  :)

TrueBike in Netherlands, tested for Landscape Magazine

After that the TrueBike was tested for Bicilive.it in sunny Italy (here) another bike fan asked us to try one of our TrueBikes to see how this beast behaves. :) As a result we are offering to you a short but pertinent review written by chief-editor Marteen Essers from Landscape Magazine with nice photos documenting [...]

TrueBike in Velo 3rd Gear

This March, Gestalten published 3rd book about contemporary cycling under the title Velo 3rd Gear (Bicycle Culture and Stories), to which we had been invited to contribute. http://shop.gestalten.com/velo-3rd-gear.html The book presents wide range of bikes for various uses, little producers, different materials, modern designs, sports and city accessories, bike fashion, equipment, etc. Besides this, many [...]

TrueBike in the fresh air

When first sunny days of this year started the new season, the smaller size of TrueBike has been tested. Check it out the Truebike in the fresh air!