Bike Brussels 2017

TRUEBIKE'S 1st TIME IN BELGIUM :) Our booth:   Testing area - big wheels always in great demand:   Our hero: And exploring Brussels on big wheels... Pissing dog is much more interesting than the boy (and less crowded) :)  

Design on two wheels – Cube Design Museum

Design on two wheels is the title of the exhibition being held from July until December 2017 in Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade, Netherlands: http://www.cubedesignmuseum.nl/en/activiteiten/fiets-bike-fahrrad-design-two-wheels We are very proud to be there with our Truebike - can you find it among others extraordinary bikes? :).

TrueBike Rain Fighter

When the storm comes you won't surrender without a fight!

TrueBike Gravel

Gravel tuning is ready for delivery to impatient customer :)

TrueBike City Tourer

Now we are ready for bike-packing in any weather! :)

Argus festival and RADpaRADe in Vienna

Argus festival in Vienna claims to be the biggest European bike festival. Last Sunday a ride around Vienna City center - 7th RADpaRADe took place also. There were thousands and thousands of cyclists of every age riding all sorts of bikes and other stuff :). ... and we were there! https://www.facebook.com/fahrradwien/videos/1075007372632459/ http://www.bikefestival.at/ http://www.radparade.at/

Truebikes’ first time at Berliner Fahrradschau 2017

The new season starts (for many bikers just continues J) and we have opened it at the well-known Berliner Fahrradschau. Where else should such an innovative cycling exhibition take place if not in to the cyclists friendly Berlin with its specific ambiance? We loved it. The exhibition started little by little Friday evening but then [...]