Racing with Truebike

With our new bike - challenge accepted. Finally we could try the new MTB bike in real race, MTB marathon. The wheather was all week sunny and very agreeable and on Saturday when you least needed it, it started slightly raining and rained all day. But these are the best conditions for testing, hm? And [...]

From Sumava to Bratislava

Ready for launch. 1st uphill behind us. Polednik - former Iron Curtain's watchtower on the Czech-German border. Looking for the right direction and strawberries. Pit stop at last! One of our sleeping spots. Leaving Sumava. Breakfast break. Cesky Krumlov. Hiding in shadow. Follow me, guys. Austria. Last stage of the day on Vranov dam. Next [...]

Mediterranean coast on big wheels

Two of our big wheeled beasts were exploring three European ports - Barcelona, Marseille and Genova. Each of them is specific and beautiful but Barcelona definitely has the most developed bike infrastructure. Barcelona Yummy! Slow food restaurant near the beach. Marseille A bit like San Francisco - we recommend to know precisely the direction if [...]

Sea Otter Europe in Girona

This expo concept originally comes from California. We took part in 3rd European edition in Girona, Catalunya. We spent there three days and enjoyed its ambiance very much... and the town is lovely...

Kolektif Berlin 2019

We were happy to return to the multicultural Berlin, city of bikes and clubs. The event Berliner Fahrradschau was cancelled so we tried a new concept called Kolektif Berlin, much smaller but still very visited. As usual most of the people were surprised by the size of our wheels, but once they tried it, they [...]